Saturday, April 5, 2008


Last week the local paper ran a photo of Scott working on his mural. We have heard "no" on three of the jobs he's applied for, but we have also heard "maybe" on two of them. There are several more we don't know anything about.

Hopefully we will hear something in the next few days. We are planning to meet again with the owner of our "dream property" in about a week, and it would great to have some idea of what the summer will look like by then.

Jack is really into reading lately - bringing us books and then running towards the couch to indicate that he wants us to read him a story. He's also saying something that sounds just like "oh shit" said in a cupie-doll voice (with a Minnesota accent). He's got five teeth - yes five - all coming in at once, so things have been a little tense.

I've been doing a lot of sewing - right now I am making knitting needle cases to sell at the shop. I've also got a wall hanging in the works.

We had over two feet of snow yesterday so the view is beautiful.

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