Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We have just returned from a trip to Southern Minnesota where we had a late Easter celebration with Scott's family. Jack was able to play with his cousins (well, they are actually his second cousins - his first cousins are all adults) and be showered with gifts. We got pictures of almost everyone, but unfortunately we missed a few.

Saturday was a milestone for me - I left Jack with someone other than Scott for a whole hour and a half. Grandma Pearl and Grandpa Jack watched him while Scott and I went to Target. When we got back from the store, he was sitting quietly on Grandma's lap listening to her sing. He was perfectly fine - we should have gone out to lunch!

One highlight of the trip for Jack was Jeff and Joann's cat, Cat Man Boo. Jack is crazy about cats these days and every time he sees one he points and says "At!"

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