Monday, June 23, 2008

A Handshake

Scott and Brian met on Saturday to talk price. They started out 13,000 apart, but by the end of the conversation they were down to 3,000 apart. They finally shook hands on that and agreed that somewhere between the two numbers we could find one to settle on. So, although it's still not official we are getting pretty darn close.

Now we are waiting for the "legal description" from the surveyors. Also, Brian is going to talk to a lawyer because we are considering purchasing the land through "contract for deed". And, of course, the whole thing is contingent on getting a septic site approved, so that is the next step.

We went out there on Sunday to play around. It was gorgeous, with lilies in bloom and lots of dragonflies about. Here is a photo of Scott with his measuring tape, a common site these days.

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