Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blueberry Festival

This weekend is the Blueberry Festival and there are tons of people in town. Here we are eating our own blueberries out at The Homestead. I cannot believe the number of blueberry bushes out there. I am sure I could have picked them all day. Despite the look on Jack's face, he is actually wild about blueberries. Check out his little camp chair: Scott got that on clearance somewhere when Jack was a newborn. I thought he was nuts. Boy, was I wrong!

The other day we wrote down all of the words Jack says now that he is 19-1/2 months old. Here they are: Mama, Papa, up, down, baby, bye-bye, poop, pee pee, choo choo, hello (hey-yo!), uh-uh, uh-ha, shoes, two, trees, cook, a-choo!, peak!, oh wow!, and (my favorite) thank you.

Also of note: Jack gives kisses now instead of presenting his forehead for you to kiss. And he LOVES giving kisses.

Brian and his wife, Cathy, have signed the purchase agreement for The Homestead, so now it is up to us. We've finished re-drawing our house plans and Scott took them to the lumber yard yesterday. If all goes well, we will get a cost estimate to turn in with our loan application by the end of next week.

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