Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Open house sale

My sale last weekend was a success! I made a nice little pile of cash, and people really oohed and aahed over my stuff. In addition to what I sold, I also took four special orders. I did better than some of the other people at the sale, I think because I had a broad range of prices. A had a few big sales and many little sales, which all added up to be a nice amount. Here is a list of what I sold: one set of coasters, three small reversible purses, three draft stoppers, one two-toned tote bag, two medium-sized pillows, two zippered pouches, two knitted christmas tree ornaments, and one set of christmas napkins (those were actually sewn by my mom).

Here are some photos of what I took to the sale. Now I am busy making the things that Joann ordered and getting ready for my next sale on Dec. 6!

1 comment:

Herge said...

Congratulations on your sales!
Ann loved the yarn you sent her.
David is inspired to knit a bright colored hat for himself.