Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making Plans

Last week we received the news that Jack's daycare provider is moving out of state in just a couple of weeks. We were heartbroken for many reasons - Jack adores her, we trust her, having her here gave us a sense of security, etc. After much panicking and calling around, however, we have found a new daycare that we are excited about. The new place is based on outdoor education, and the kids take field trips daily (in the summer), grow their own veggies, compost/recycle, etc. It is perfect for tree huggers like us. The only drawback is the $$$ - it is WAY beyond our means. But, because of the large educational component, we are going to see if we can swing it. We will have to come up with someone else to watch Jack when we need nighttime or weekend help, though, because their "after hours" rate is cost prohibitive. It is times like these when I am envious of people with family near by!

At skrapyram, I am busy making summer plans - applying for art fairs, placing ads, and of course building my inventory. Lately I've even been thinking about renting a "studio space" in town where people could come to visit (and of course shop). I have the perfect spot in mind, but I'm still waiting to hear if it is available for rent.

Things are still moving forward with the Homestead. Scott faxed the site plan to the excavators yesterday, and he is putting the finishing touches on his draft of the house plan. When we were out there last Sunday, we were able to hear the brook babbling beneath the snow and ice - certainly that must be a sign that things are about to happen!

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