Monday, September 20, 2010

This Kitchen is Going to Rock

Over the weekend the kitchen inched a little further along - Scott sealed one section of the butcher block counter top and cut a whole for for the sink. The cut-out is actually pretty big and it will be the top for the kitchen island. We unpacked my pot rack - the one I have been moving back and forth across the country ever since I received it for my birthday 9 years ago - to help us think about placement of the island. Very exciting!

Meanwhile, I have littered the entire place with yards and yards of fabric, trying to figure out what the kitchen curtains with be. For the moment I seem to have settled on a dark-red and white checkered pattern - it looks great with the lichen colored walls.

It's too soon for photos, but trust me - this kitchen is going to rock.


SmartCookie said...

I thought you already chose the curtain fabric ... are you still rethinking?

skrapyram said...

You are right, I had already chosen the dark red plaid. But since then, I have also considered bright plaid, green polka dots, and a red/green butterfly pattern. But, as of right now, it looks like I am going to go with my original plan. But maybe we should wait until they are actually up before making a commitment!