Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Rockin' Kitchen - a Photo Update

One big focus around the house lately has been the kitchen. It's still not done, but I am loving it and I've had requests for photo updates. So . . . you can see a picture of the kitchen as it looked back in August by clicking here.

And then . . . Here are pictures of the kitchen at the beginning of October.

The gorgeous butcher block counter top is in, as are most of the cabinets with their doors/drawers and handles/knobs. We still need to buy one more cabinet for the east end of the kitchen and exchange one drawer front that ended up being the wrong size. Someday, too, we'll get a back splash - it will go where you see that blue stuff now. Window trim and a finished ceiling are still distant, future dreams.

The sink, however, is in - but until today we still didn't have a faucet.

We all know I love IKEA, but this is one thing I am really not happy about: They made me fall in love with a fabulous faucet designed to go with the sink, but nowhere in their catalog does it say that the faucet will not work with standard US plumbing. No one mentioned that fact when I picked the faucet up at the store, either.

Scott took the faucet to our hardware store and they had no idea how to deal with it. I had to call IKEA several times before I was able to learn that we would need to get an adapter available at Home Depot. (Interestingly, the adapter is not even located in the plumbing department of Home Depot, but instead we are supposed to look for it where ever it is that they shelve things having to do with fuel lines.) Well, up here in the boondocks there is no Home Depot nearby, so this has really slowed things down for the whole sink project. Meanwhile, Scott has decided that it would be better to just get a different faucet that is standard - that way, in years to come, it won't be a hassle to maintain some fancy-pants European faucet. And, admittedly, we are both a little PO'd at IKEA about the whole thing. So, until tonight I have been washing dishes in the utility sink.

Our options for a faucet were limited - it needed to be a "one hole" faucet due to the layout of the sink. We've ordered a substitute from Lowe's and it's a perfectly fine unit, just not as beautiful as the pain-in-the-butt IKEA faucet would have been. Sorry you can't see what I am talking about in these photos - I'll get it next time.

Moving on . . . you can see that the pot rack - my beautiful pot rack! - has been installed front and center.

Oh, how I love my pot rack. The island is currently a make-shift affair - it is the counter-top cut-out from the sink area, stacked on top of boxes. The island/pot rack combo really is going to be the crowning glory of this kitchen, making everything flow like a charm.

I wasn't exaggerating before when I said it - this kitchen really does rock. I've spent all of last weekend there: making bread, cookies, soup, granola, meatloaf . . . With all of the windows and its proximity to all of the other activity in the house, this kitchen is one place I just love to be.

Coming . . . up next: window treatments!


Nancy P said...

Oh, Mary, the kitchen looks wonderful. I recognize some elements that make cooking so much fun!

Erika said...

Congrats! Interesting tale of the faucet; duly noted for our own kitchen remodel. It looks fantastic - what wonderful light streaming in through the windows!