Monday, May 16, 2011

April Sew Along: Curtains

Curtains were the name of the game for the April Sew Along.  As usual, I did my own thing with this project: I chose to complete a cross-stitch for framing (instead of incorporating it into a curtain) and then made a separate curtain for our front door.

The birds in the cross-stitch remind me of the grouse wandering the woods around Bog Ridge:

The curtain I made from a piece of fabric I have been lovingly toting around for years.  I barely had enough to cover the window:

My favorite part of this project was learning about Karl and Karin Larsson. Their home in the Swedish countryside, Lilla Hyttnas, was a life-long labor of love.  (It's always nice to be reassured that Scott and I aren't the only crazy ones.)


annette said...

Beautifully done on both projects!!! I've had the embroidered panels done since the end of April but haven't sew them into curtains yet which is why I've been stalling my blog post. I love how you made this your own!!! Great job.

Melissa Placzek said...