Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Can It

It's the middle of July and I am running out of time to finish everything on my list of 39 things.  Luckily, with the help of my friend Susan, I was able to cross one thing off the list last weekend: Canning!

Here are just five of the seven flats of strawberries Susan and I picked on Saturday morning:

 Here is the jam cooking on the stove:

Here are the jars going into the hot water bath:

And here are my beautiful jars of jam:

Mind you, we did all of this on what was probably the most hot and humid weekend of the year. (Maybe that's why my labels aren't sticking too well to the jars.) Susan was a real pal to show me the ropes on this one!

Next up: blueberries?  I think I'm ready.


annette said...

I have wanted to try canning. Your looks so yummy! Isn't nice to have a friend to show you the ropes?

skrapyram said...

Yes, I really needed to have someone walk me through it! I had read about it a lot, but that really only intimidated me - I was so worried about having everything clean enough, etc. Now I know that it's not that hard and that I can do it! It's a great feeling.