Thursday, September 15, 2011

Minnesota Discovery Center

Okay, so one of our adventures this summer actually occurred way back in May.  That is when we visited the Minnesota Discovery Center.  Jack has always been very excited about trains, so we took him to ride the trolley they have there.

Obviously Jack loved the trolley.  He was quick to point out that it was, in fact, a trolley  - not a train like I kept saying.

The trolley does a short loop next to a little lake (which used to be a mining pit) and stops for visitors to get off and explore some old mining equipment.  I had no idea about the equipment before we went to the Discovery Center, but I think Jack probably enjoyed exploring that even more than riding the trolley.

It was a very successful outing, and I think Scott was glad that he ended up joining us instead of staying home to work on the house like he had originally planned.

The Minnesota Discover Center is in Chisholm, MN, and it was called Iron World until just recently. I was pretty impressed with the place. In addition to the trolley and the mining equipment, they also have a large building with a research center and exhibits including everything from geology to weaving. The even have little historical buildings and a very nice mini golf course. It all sort of reminded me of Disney World! You could easily spend an entire day there.


Melissa Placzek said...

sounds like a fun outing with your family! Thanks for the information.

StefandLin said...

Great pictures. Thank you for posting pictures of all three of you. And Jack is adorable. So fun how I think he looks like both of you. But especially you.
Love you.