Monday, September 26, 2011

Mona Lisa

Over the past several years, we have made several unsuccessful attempts to find a dog for our family.  After the last failed experiment, we said we were giving up.  But, Scott was gone for work a lot this summer, and I just really needed a dog.  We talked about it a little before Scott left on one of his trips, and when he came home, Mona was waiting for him.

Jack and I found Mona at the Humane Society in Virginia, MN.  We had gone to meet another dog we'd seen on the website, but that one was adopted before we got there.  Nobody else seemed quite right, although there was this puppy . . . I really didn't want to get a puppy because we wouldn't be home during the day to house train it.  Somehow, though, I let them talk me in to meeting Mona.  And once you meet a puppy, that's pretty much it.

All of these photos were taken the day we adopted her - August 1st, 2011.

Mona came to the Humane Society as a stray.  It appears as though she was abandoned in a pet groomer's parking lot.  She was somewhere in the range of four to six months old, and I was pleasantly surprised when we brought her home.  Except for a few accidents right at the beginning, she was already house trained.  Although she has a lot of energy and can get a little crazy sometimes, she is not as wild as I expected a black lab puppy to be.  She doesn't mind Jack's attentions, and although she goes exploring a little, she doesn't run away.  One of my favorite moments this summer was being with Mona the day she learned to swim.

The folks at the Humane Society had named her Mona Lisa "because she is so pretty".  I thought that sounded just fine, so we kept the name.  We pretty much just call her Mona, though, except when she does something naughty.  Then, she's Mona Lisa.

I has been great having a dog in the family again and, although she's still got some things to learn, Mona seems like she's going to work out.

Scott was a little surprised to see Mona when he came home, but not too much.  We have been married eleven years, after all.  And luckily he likes my baking.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for all the updates! I enjoyed them all. I barely got to see Jack at the Tucker picnic... So I needed these photos to see how he's grown!
I saw Scott's mural on the news!And everyday they update us on the fire, and show the smoke cloud. People in Chicago were smelling the smoke from it.