Monday, November 21, 2011

Vermilion Falls at Dusk

A couple of weekends ago - before winter really set in - we did a little exploring beyond the end of the Echo Trail and visited Vermilion Falls. We arrived at dusk and had the place to ourselves. 

I was very impressed by the beautiful Forest Service walkway and observation deck, but I was especially wowed by the crevice the river had cut through the rock.

The top of the falls
Right below the observation deck

The bottom of the falls

Scott, who has visited the falls at other times of the year, said that the water was actually pretty low on the day of our visit and that he has really seen it raging before.  Considering how beautiful it was during our visit with low water, I'm looking forward to going back again and seeing the falls running at full force.


StefandLin said...

Great picture and what a lovely place.

skrapyram said...

Thanks Stef! When are you coming to visit? I would love to show my favorite places to you.