Sunday, June 3, 2012

skrapyram's June Special - Luxury Lined Zipper Pouches

skrapyram's handmade zipper pouches are on sale during the month of June in my Etsy shop!

Each pouch features luxurious fabric both inside and out.

In fact, the lining of these bags is a big part of their magic.

Who knows what you'll find inside?

It could be velvet, silk, or super-soft faux suede!

With exteriors of tapestry, velvet, and embroidered silk, you may be wondering: Where would I use such a luxury item? The answer is: Any time, any where!

Although these bags are as perfect for a wedding as they are for a night on the town, they are also ideal for everyday use.

Just a few posiblilties:

Cosmetics, makeup, or toiletries bag
Coin purse
Credit card holder
Cell phone storage
iPod pouch
Jewelry storage
Knitting notions bag
Birthday gift
Graduation gift

With two sizes to choose from, the list just goes on and on!

Plus, since each bag has wide, flat base, you'll always have easy access to whatever you keep inside.

THE DETAILS: Receive 10% off  when you purchase a skrapyram zipper pouch through my Etsy shop during the month of June.  Just enter coupon code "JUNE2012" when you are ready to check out, and you will receive the discount.

To see a gallery of all zipper pouches currently available in my shop, please click here.

Please note: This discount is only good for items currently listed in my Etsy shop. The discount does not apply to special orders or items purchased outside of my Etsy shop.

Ely residents and seasonals - no need to pay shipping! Just contact me before you make your purchase and we will make delivery arrangements.

Bring a little magic into your life with a zipper pouch from skrapyram!

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