Thursday, February 28, 2008


Jack has gone through a couple of noticeable changes lately. For one thing, he seems much more comfortable with other people. He is not being shy around my friends and practically asks them to put him on their laps. (Here he is with Anna and then again with Brinna.) He even stayed in the living room with Kelly one day while I did some baking in the kitchen.

Another thing I've really been noticing is that he is not nursing as much. Although he still nurses a lot during the night, he only nurses a handful of times during the day. And, it used to be that the only way he would go to sleep at night was to nurse. Now, he lets Scott put him to sleep and - this is the part that really gets me - even if I go to lie down with him, he just wants to snuggle, not nurse to sleep.

It is interesting to watch the natural progression, but it is a little sad for me to know that he is not as dependent on me.

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