Thursday, February 28, 2008

White Pines in the Sky

While we were staying at Becca's, we had a chance to check out some land that she had told us about. A friend of hers owns 15 acres just east of the house where Jack was born. (Becca herself lives just a little to the west.) We are very interested in living out there because we already know that we love it. And even though it is outside of town, there is a little community that we are already a part of.

Scott had previously called the owner of the land, who plans to divide it into three 5-acre parcels, and he invited us to check it out. Then, while we were exploring the place yesterday, the owner happened to drive by and see our van. He stopped and gave us an extensive tour, which was very helpful.

We went back again today, by ourselves. All three parcels are intriguing, but this is the one we are most interested in. The building site sits on a rise and there are several large white pines. The trees have a nice open feeling that, combined with the elevation, helps let in light. Needless to say I am already imagining floor plans and designing the garden. Scott is always more reserved with his enthusiasm, and this is no exception. He plans to look at a lot more places before getting too worked up.

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