Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well, we made it back to Ely! It was a very long journey with a little bad weather, some food poisoning and way too much children's music. But, Scott is out of the bathroom now and our furniture has been delivered. We've got our rental house cleaned up some, and Jack's toys have been unpacked. Friends here have been great - helping us clean, babysitting Jack, bringing us food, etc.

It is great to be home.

We have other people out in the world, though, and I'm starting this blog for those friends and family who want to keep track of us (well, Jack mainly) from a distance.

He is crazy about trains lately and his first official word was "choo" - as in "choo choo train". He has a very cute way of phrasing it like a question. On the trip to Ely he would get very excited whenever we saw a train. He would get just as excited about semi-trucks, too. I guess from his perspective they look like trains. Anyway, when the moving truck arrived in Ely he was thrilled with the "choo?".

I've attached some photos to give an idea of all this, but since this is my first post they are not where I want them to be. I'm sure I'll get it figured out eventually, maybe after I've had some rest.


StefandLin said...

Hey there - we're so glad to know you got there safely. We miss you (all four of you).
It's been snowing and blowing here since you left. Stevens Pass was even closed today.
Give that little "choo" sayer a hug from us.
Love, Stef and Lin

Stel said...

Hi, Mary!
I really had no idea you were thinking of moving back to Ely! When my mom told me, I said "WHAAAT!?" SO FAB!!!
It sounds like a great town.I imagine it like "Northern Exposure", one of my all-time fave TV shows. Did you ever watch that?
I LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!! So great to see pix and read what you're up to !!!
I grew up to "Schimelewski Polka Hour", at noon, on Austin radio. I'd come home from grade school for lunch (tomato soup and egg salad sandwiches, or perhaps grilled cheese and chicken noodle) and be just in time to catch the polka hour. Funtime!
I sent you a card; hope I addressed it properly.
So glad you're back!
Your sis'n'law, Sue
(a.k.a. Stelfun)