Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fourteen months

Last week, Jack turned 14 months old.

He is starting to mimic words now and we've clearly heard him say juice, shoes, toast and Gus in addition to "choo?". He is having a blast running around this big house and getting into all of the cupboards - they are easy for him to open and still largely full of things the owner of the house left behind. He has been spending a fair amount of time with his buddy Rowan (16 months) and Rowan's big brother Jacob (7 years). He is still getting used to hanging out with such big kids - he's accustomed to being the biggest (or at least the oldest, most mobile) kid in the group. He is not sure how to handle their assertiveness. He is such a sweetheart - an acquaintance recently observed that Jack didn't know that anything other than love existed. I thought that was such a huge compliment to us as parents! Unfortunately, though, I know he is going to have to toughen up some.

He is still a little kid, but he is enjoying new foods every day. Although he is still lean, he is getting taller and recently started wearing some of his 18 month clothes.

Of course, he is still loving his Baby Einstein shows and his music CDs!

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Stel said...

In the "Conversations with God" books, they say that love IS all there is. Anything that seems other than love, is just there to provide a contextual field; providing contrast so that we can know what love is. So Jack is right in knowing that love is all there is!