Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chicken Visit

Yesterday we visited a family that keeps chickens. Jack loved it! It was fun to hear about how they manage it, and it was encouraging because it all sounded very doable.

We also got to tour the family's house, which they had built themselves. We heard about the process they went through to build it - and that was a little less encouraging than the bit about the chickens. By the time we left, we realized that we are probably farther away from living in our own place than we thought. It's not going to happen over night, especially since we plan to do a lot of the work ourselves in order to afford it.

And of course, since the house we are currently renting in is on the market, we will probably have to move into another rental before we can move to "The Homestead". Argh! I am so tired of moving around, and of living in other people's houses!

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