Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another Random Entry

On the way back from SD, we stopped in southern MN and spent one night with Scott' s parents. I think this photo of Jack with Grandma Pearl shows what a big kid he is getting to be.

Last Sunday, we met with Brian at the homestead to discuss having the lot surveyed. That is partly because he is letting us help decide the shape of our lot. More important than the shape of the lot, though, is clarifying the northern edge of what is now his property. If that edge is different than he thinks it is, the building site is not viable and the whole deal will be off. He is going to get it surveyed and get back to us. Today Scott is meeting with a realtor to make sure there isn't something better out there.

At the reception for the new Forest Service building last week, we met the ten-year old daughter of the District Ranger. The girl's name is Natalie and she and Jack really hit it off - they just couldn't get enough of each other. Today Natalie's mom and I made arrangements for Natalie to come over twice a week to be a "mother's helper". With this new plan, I don't expect I'll have to send Jack to daycare after all.

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StefandLin said...

Hi Mary,
It's great to see your ongoing picture entries. I almost feel like I get to keep up with your life.
The mural is gorgeous!!!
And "baby" Jack does not look like a baby anymore.
Miss you!
Love, Stef