Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Last night Jack and I went to the farmer's market. That might not seem very remarkable, but it is! When we lived here before, one thing I didn't like was the lack of fresh produce. Then, while we were in WA, they started a farmer's market! It's small, but what do you expect way up here in northern MN? I bought a beautiful bunch of lettuce and it was such a thrill that it just made my day! I also enjoyed the fact that I knew a ton of the vendors as well as customers.

Tonight we are going to my EMPOWER meeting. That stands for "Ely Minnesota Progressive Organization of Women for Equality and Reform". The name might put some people off, but it's a great group. The mission statement says "We are a progressive, multi-issue, grassroots organization committed to empower women and girls and thereby improve our communities." Plus, tonight they are having a pot-luck!

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