Sunday, May 25, 2008

River Full of Muskrat Houses

Today we hiked the trail to Kawishiwi Falls. I think it is fun to note that "Kawishiwi" is an Ojibwe word that translates as "river full of beaver or muskrat houses." This trail made me nervous even back when all we had to worry about was Gus. Needless to say, Jack spent the whole hike in the baby backpack.

While we stood looking at the falls, we got to talking to a woman who turned out to be the director of a local museum. I told her about my background and she was excited to meet me. She said to call her because she could really use my help. Her background is in PR, and she doesn't know much about collections management. She said Jack would be welcome to come along with me. It might be nice if I could line up a few paying museum projects . . .

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