Monday, May 19, 2008


My major focus this past weekend was putting in a little flower garden outside the front door of the yarn shop. It's mainly annuals with a few perenials that I got from someone who was thinning out their garden. I had to dig up grass and bring in dirt, so it was hard work even though it is a small plot. And then, last night I had to run over and cover it because it was supposed to frost. I was exhausted but I am glad I did it, because when I got up this morning, it was only 30 degrees out!

Brian is still working with the county and the survey company to establish the boundaries of The Homestead. He is also talking to the neighbor to see if he'll sell a 700 foot strip. Scott has finished the preliminary paperwork for the bank.

Last night was a milestone for Jack. He slept the entire night in his own room, in his own bed, alone. I did go in a few times to comfort him when he woke up, but still! We've been working on this gradually for a while and this is the very first time that I slept in my own bed without Jack for the first time since his birth.

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