Thursday, June 5, 2008

Curator for Hire

Yesterday I went to the museum to see what kind of needs they had. It all seemed pretty manageable. Of course any work I did would be preceded by me writing grants to get funding for supplies and my own compensation. But even that seems pretty do-able since I've done it plenty of times before.

So, I am excited. The whole thing has got me thinking in a whole new direction, reconsidering my abandonment of museum work. I guess I just got burned SO bad at my last museum job. And then I gave it a shot with the park in WA only to end up more frustrated. And then I finally just wrote it off. But if I could string together a few good consulting gigs - and maybe even some private collectors to work with - well, that might just be all right.

I'll have to see how this first project works out and then go from there. Right now I am still focusing on helping Susan with her shop and doing my sewing stuff. And then of course there's Jack . . .

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