Monday, June 2, 2008

Jack's High-School Hideout

We are getting "pretty close" to buying The Homestead. Brian has finally gotten the county to approve his division of the 15 acres, which has been a little complicated due to all of the regulations, and the fact that he wants to end up with 3 five-acre lots. After he sells us our 5 acres, he plans to hold on to the other 10, but he doesn't want to do something for us that will prevent him from being able to sell the other lots later.

It looks like our lot will not go all the way back to Forest Service land like we've discussed, but it will still include Scott's Rock: a cool, lichen-encrusted boulder which could someday be the location of Jack's High-School Hideout, otherwise known as The Cabin We May or May Not Ever Get Around to Building. Even if we don't build a cabin there, it is still a nice destination for a stroll. And there still wouldn't be much stopping a person from continuing that stroll right on back to the Forest and out to the lake.

Next up is the official survey, which may happen some time this week. We are also still waiting to hear from the bank, which is making me a little anxious.

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