Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lewis and Clark

My parents were here for a few days after our trip to Grand Marais. They went fishing with a guide one day and then we showed them around town. My mom brought us a quilt that she made - it depicts the story of Lewis and Clark. I had fallen in love with it the last time I visited and "hinted" that I would like to have it. It is amazing! She also brought a rotary cutter and cutting mat for me - it is already making a huge difference in how much time it takes me to complete projects.

Another thing they brought was the entire Thomas the Train set from their house. They had offered it before, but I declined thinking it would take up too much room. Eventually, however, I realized that Jack would really enjoy having it - and I was right. He loves it. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Unfortunately the weather wasn't that great for their visit. It really does not seem like the middle of June. But they still caught some fish, and we were the lucky recipients.

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