Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grand Marais

I LOVE Grand Marais. It is so great that I live in one fabulous location and can still are arrive in a completely different fabulous location after only 2-1/2 hours of amazingly beautiful driving.

We arrived yesterday in the early afternoon. The weather was perfect, so I put Jack in the backpack and strolled through all of the great shops. He was happy as a clam. I got a mocha at the beach and showed him the baby geese. I called my friend Ann - who was here with me the last time I visited - and she reminded me of the licorice to be had. So I bought some and ate it all while looking in the bookstore! It is the best licorice on the planet.

I love my dog but it has been so nice to be on the loose and not have to worry about him. What a gift from Anna that she is taking care of him for us!

We came back to our hotel - our room has a view of the lake - just as Scott was arriving. We went across the street to a great Jack-friendly burger place and then strolled on the pebble beach. Scott's gone to work now and Jack and I have the entire day to explore. Amazingly, he's still asleep, so I am knitting in front of the view. I am happy.

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StefandLin said...

I'm so glad you are "glad to be here"
and I'm glad that you wandered through Marbles for a short detour on your life journey.
It's so fun to read your happy posts.
Love, Stef