Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer is here

I think summer is finally here, and we are having a great time. Most days I walk five miles with Jack (in the stroller) and Gus. Then we stop at the shop to work on the garden or help out inside. The focus at the shop is still on getting ready for the busy season, so I have not yet started weaving. But I've been planning and we are getting close. Anna and I have also been scheming about taking the shop on-line.

The house we are living in has no yard, so in the afternoons we usually go over to Anna's. She only lives three houses away and has a yard for Jack to play in.

Things are moving forward with the Homestead. Brian changed the lines again and now we will have a little more than 5 acres. And the lot will go all the way to the forest service land after all. He says he's done moving lines now and will call to have the land surveyed tomorrow. And the bank said that yes, they will lend us money.

Scott has been at his job a month now and it's going well. He is going to Grand Marais for work tomorrow and Jack and I are going with. I love Grand Marais! It is on Lake Superior and reminds me of coastal Oregon. Gus is staying with Anna. After that, my parents will be here for a visit.

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