Sunday, August 10, 2008

An exciting trend

Scott and I are both exhausted from not getting enough sleep and chasing after a very busy toddler. We are also extremely sad about loosing Gus and are having a hard time adjusting to the gaping hole where he used to be. We picked up his ashes from the vet the other day, and they are just in a plastic lidded tub, no bigger than a deli container. It's just awful.

On a more upbeat exciting note, a friend of Anna's is expecting a baby at the end of August. She is considering having me be her doula, AND she is considering birthing at home using my very own dear midwife. Anna is willing to help with Jack if Scott is away during the birth.

A trend towards natural birth seems to be taking hold in this town. I know of two other homebirths that have occurred here since our return last February, and a lot of people are starting to ask me about it (since I was the first after a long run of just hospital births and I have advertised my desire to be a doula).

I would be thrilled to finally attend a homebirth!

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