Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Small Cabin

A few weeks ago, everyone involved signed the purchase agreement for the Homestead, and we put down "earnest money". The agreement said that the deal would be finalized within two months from that date.

Since then, we have been working up house plans and getting cost estimates. Our friend Karl - who is married to our friend Susan - is an architectural draftsman and he has been helping us at no charge (in exchange for the work I've been doing at the yarn shop).

Things have been going smoothly, with one exception: we've come to the conclusion that we can't actually afford to build the house. All is not lost, however, because we have a new idea. We are looking at building a SMALL cabin with an attached garage. It will be nice enough (and warm enough) that we can live in it indefinitely. And we will leave the house site alone in the hopes of someday having enough money to build there. When that happens, the cabin will still be valuable as a guest house, etc.

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