Monday, September 1, 2008

Fall Changes

Last week Jack started a new daycare. Now he is going to a place closer to where we live, a place where there are less kids and he is able to go more regularly. There are mostly little kids there. He has been going for fur hours every day and is getting used to going. He is usually excited when I ask him if he wants to go to Nora's - he responds by saying "Babies!" He does cry when I drop him off and pick him up, but apparently he is fine in between. To pay for all of this day care I am starting a job at a local retail shop. Just a few hours a week, enough to pay for the daycare. That will still leave me some time to work on my bags. I haven't actually started the job, my first day is later this week.

We are still plugging along on the homestead. The one big change is that we have now decided that the small garage "cottage" will not be temporary but will instead just be our small, permanent, house. I am excited about this new idea because it leaves the really good view unspoiled, to be enjoyed from inside the cottage. It also leaves a good space for a yard and garden. Plus, I like the idea of a small house: less to clean and heat, less to fill up with stuff. We are really trying to make some headway on the project, but it is painfully slow.

Scott is still at work, it sounds like he will work through September and possibly into October.

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