Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hold the Phone

Okay, so I have really not been looking forward to starting my retail job. The idea behind it was just to get enough money to pay for Jack's daycare, and I would use the time he was in daycare to work on my bags. But, obviously, I wouldn't be working on my bags the whole time he was in daycare because some of the time I would be working at the retail job. Well, I decided to just ask for what I really wanted, and I got it! I am not going to work the retail job. Instead I will have a bag making studio upstairs from the yarn shop. When customers come in, I'll help them, and I'll do other things to help manage the place, but largely I'll be working on my bags. And we've made an arrangement that will allow Jack to be at daycare while I am at the shop/working on my bags. No retail job! Yippie! And spending most of my time at the yarn shop is something I've been fantasizing about for a long time.

As a side note, Jack did great at daycare today, didn't cry at all.

1 comment:

StefandLin said...

How wonderful to ask for what you really want
and then to receive!!!!
Love, Stef