Sunday, September 7, 2008

8 years

Last night Scott and I went out to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. Natalie and her older sister came over to stay with Jack. We went to the Blue Heron, a fabulous restaurant where they only serve one party at a time, with reservations every 1/2 hour. It's the kind of place that only has a few selections and you pick what you're having when you place your reservation. We had the first spot, so we were all alone for a while - with a view of a lake bordering the boundary waters wilderness. It was a beautiful night with a dramatic sky, and there was mist on the water. The food was fabulous: we shared walleye and steak for the main course, and for desert bananas foster and chocolate lava cake. The whole experience was well worth the steep price.

Scott also gave me 8 long stem red roses, along with a ceramic dish and pair of earrings (both of which he got at this weekend's Harvest Moon Festival). I am giving him the homemade desert of his choice (he chose blueberry pie).

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