Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not sure what to do

I have been spending most of my free time at the yarn shop, getting things organized, and knitting. Not much sewing at the moment, but I expect to get back to it as soon as I get things in order.

We've turned our revised house plans over to Karl. The garage with small living space attached is now a small house with a studio/workshop attached. The garage will come later. We are not sure what to do about the loan: because we are getting a construction loan, we only have 12 months to complete everything. But we don't think we can get the concrete poured before winter, and if we can't do that we won't be able to get started on anything until next spring (because of road weight restrictions). So we may see if we can wait to buy the land until the spring. Or we may just go ahead and buy the place - I guess we'll see.

Here is a picture of my flowers at the yarn shop. I started completely from scratch (it had all been torn up when they put in a new sidewalk). I also have a garden in the back, but it's not much to look at yet.

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