Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jobs for the Both of Us

Well, things have changed a little!

Scott's Forest Service job has been a dream come true, but it is only seasonal and it will end this Friday. So, on my daily walks, I see the UPS guys and I stopped one day and told them that Scott was a driver's helper last year and that he'd like to do it again this year. They gave me the number to call and we did that. Then, a week or so later, one of the guys flagged me down and asked for an update. Then the guy then told me that he was retiring and that, although it is a union job and they are supposed to hire from the inside, no current UPS drivers want the job. So, Scott is going to do the job on a temp basis through December. If it is okay, he may apply for the permanent job. Not anything he's ever dreamt of doing, but we could use an influx of real cash at this point. And health insurance? For the whole family? What a concept! And then there's the pay and the vacation time and the sick time. You get the idea. He would have the rural route, which is beautiful. In fact, someone else at UPS told him that it is "the primo route in the state". Apparently no one wants it because they don't want to relocate to here. We've already taken that plunge, I guess. Another funny tidbit: Once winter really hits he gets to drive a rented 4-wheel drive (a suburban, for example), instead of a UPS truck.

I also have a new job. I am the "patient advocate" for a nutritionist in town. She is from Austria and her work reminds me of that of my naturopath (also my midwife). People with longstanding health issues have gotten remarkable results by following her nutritional advice. It is very inspiring! She hired me based on my management degree. I am thrilled. I will be managing the database, following up with patients, doing marketing and long range planning, etc. She is even going to train me on doing some of the clinical tests. I think this fits in perfectly with my interest in natural childbirth, which is interesting. Just recently I was getting ready to shelve that idea, but then I got this job. And THEN - I got my first homebirth doula client! That's right - a mom due June 15 is planning a homebirth and has asked me to be her doula.

So, things are hopping. My job is slated to go full-time but for the moment it is only part-time. I am still at the yarn store for now and still making bags. I have three sales coming up, the first of which is Nov. 15. We go to the cities next week for UPS driver training and when we get back we are slated to close on the homestead.

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Great pictures Mary! Jack makes a cute bumblebee!