Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flu Season

We have been dealing with the flu at our house this week: first Jack, then me, and now Scott. Meanwhile . . .

Scott is starting to gear up for an art show he is having this spring in his home town of Austin, MN. He is done with his UPS job and has been called back to work on a short-term project for the forest service.

I am struggling to balance mothering with my job and my business. I am going to look into cutting back my hours at work. Today I met with a business consultant (hi Jan!) who is helping me write a business plan, etc. for skrapyram creations. It was a very inspiring meeting. I am gearing up for the "Winter Festival" art sale, as well as the Ely Art Walk, in which I am participating.

Maggie is fitting in well, making herself at home on furniture of all kinds.

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