Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thirty-five Below

It is thirty-five below out. That's thirty-five degrees below zero. I am just happy that we have power, unlike our friends in the Skagit Valley who have been without power for over a week following unusually heavy snow. I am also happy that I've got Maggie around so that I get outside. Despite this cold snap I am still taking her out, on average, for two thirty or forty-five minute walks each day. (Scott usually takes her out for a walk each day, too.) I am also glad that we got her out of the shelter, where she was living outside. I do wonder how her other friends there are fairing, though. I honestly don't know how they could survive.

Another month has gone by for little Jack. Not many traces of the baby left in this little boy. Now he is really talking and can carry on a conversation. He's got some real hair now (although he maintains his resemblance to a young Phil Collins). He is still heavily into trains but is becoming increasingly interested in cars and trucks. We are taking a parent-child yoga class together this month, which is a blast!

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Christina Claassen said...

Wow, it's been about 35 above here! The girls and I have been snowed in at the ELC for ten days...six avalanches between Newhalem and Diablo. Today they got it open to one lane. Only the facility manager has been here with us. Charles has been away on a climbing trip. Crazy winter!