Friday, January 16, 2009

No Water, No Dog

Last night the temperature dipped to 45 below, and when we woke up we didn't have water. (Jack got us up at 4:30.) A pipe had frozen on the north side of the house next door. Luckily the city was able to fix it pretty quick: the water was back on before ten a.m.

Still, it was a rough morning, especially since we decided last night that Maggie can't stay. She has been growling at Jack and, even though she is a nice dog, we are just not sure we can trust her. I know it is the right thing to do but I am very, very sad about it. The temperatures are suppose to normalize today - hovering more around zero - and we will take her back to the shelter tomorrow.

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StefandLin said...

OOOh dear... so sad. Maggie sounded like a good match. But a dog has to like kids. We are trying to get Oscar socialized because he growls when he's afraid. We need to have him around kids more.
The cold sounds horrendous. We got our power back a week ago and it's been cold (down in the 20's) at night, but that's ABOVE zero. I can't imagine that kind of cold. Take very good care of yourselves.
Love, stef