Thursday, February 5, 2009

Waiting for Uma

I have been very busy lately focusing on Skrapyram! I have had a lot of special orders and there is an arts and craft sale in Ely this weekend and I started the year with no inventory. I just have a couple of pillows left to make and then I will be ready to price things and put together my mock-up. There have been a lot of late nights.

Jack is changing fast. When he came home from daycare yesterday, I could have sworn he was bigger than when he left in the morning. He is talking - almost like a normal person! He tells us what he wants and needs which is a huge help.

Scott is working on the house plans - we still hope to get started building as soon as the roads are ready. He's also doing a little work for the Forest Service. Between those things and looking after Jack he hasn't had much time to work on his upcoming exhibit. But the Forest Service gig will probably only last a couple of more weeks.

As soon as this weekend's sale is over we are headed to Sioux Falls to meet one of my niece's dogs - we may be adopting her. I hope it works out because I really have my hopes up. Her name is Uma.

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