Monday, March 16, 2009

The World's Longest Snowball Fight

We heard recently that Scott will be working again this summer as a biological technician for the Forest Service. It is a big relief, since with these temp. jobs you just can't be sure until you get the word. We are thrilled! He starts at the end of April (which should be interesting considering that his Austin art show opens at the beginning of May).

Last week we put down the deposit for the excavation at the Homestead. It is unbelievable how much that part of things cost. Just the digging and installation of the septic tank is $13,000. That doesn't include the well or the pipes or the permit - or anything else. Still, it is very exciting to be moving forward.

Jack has turned into this amazingly precious little boy. He says things like "I'm so glad to see you", "mama is so nice", etc., and he has this angelic little singing voice. He loves to read books. I am frequently stopped in my tracks by the bitter-sweetness of it all. Then, in the next moment, he will do something that perfectly illustrates the term "terrible twos". I won't document any of his misbehaving here, but you can take my word for it: he is a real handful!

Yesterday was Scott's birthday, and we took a hike on the Stuart River Portage. We didn't cover much distance, but Scott and Jack had the world's longest snowball fight. It was a such gorgeous day that it was almost possible to imagine spring arriving.

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