Monday, April 13, 2009


Jack has been going to his new daycare for a couple of weeks now, and he seems to be transitioning well. Nora ended up moving away even sooner than anyone expected, and although Jack talks about her and asks for her, I am the one who seems to be missing her the most. There are a lot more unknowns in my life now that she is gone, and less time for me to work on skrapyram. That is particularly challenging because there are so many exciting things happening there, but I will save all of that for another post!

We are still moving forward with the Homestead. We turned our plans over to the architectural draftsman last week, and we are waiting to get some paperwork back from the excavators so that we can turn in our septic permit. And we are waiting for the snow to melt! Meanwhile, we are selecting windows and debating roof styles and heating systems. We have probably settled on a shed-style roof (instead of gable end style - more room for about the same expense), but there's still no verdict on heating. There will certainly be a wood stove, but beyond that there are a lot of options to pick from.

Jack's vocabulary as exploded recently and I am constantly amazed by the things he says. The other day, Uma was making some strange doggie noises, and Jack said "Uma snorted like a pig!" I am pretty sure that was his first grammatically correct sentence. He took part in an Easter egg hunt with his friends yesterday (Scott was the Bunny who hid the eggs for them) and got a real kick out of it! He is still deep into the "terrible twos" AND he is pretty precocious. We used to "count to three" when he would misbehave, but now when we get to three, he just says "four, five, six!!!"

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