Sunday, June 13, 2010

My First Quilt

It's official - ready or not, we are moving into our new house by the end of August, 2010! So instead of sewing skrapyram bags, I have been busy packing up and creating things for our new home. One example, which has actually been finished for a while now, is this quilt - my very first one.

My mom bought the fabric (it's Moda - my favorite!) for my birthday last summer. It was a very simple pattern - I just sewed the squares together into strips, sewed the strips to each other, cut the resulting fabric on the diagonal, and then put it back together so that the squares ended up as diamonds. I did make an adjustment to the pattern in that I increased the overall size - the pattern was just for a throw and I made mine into a twin size.

I did have trouble with the fabric bunching when I sewed the three layers of fabric together, but my friend Barb has since visited and taught me how to use the walking foot on my sewing machine. So, bunching shouldn't be a problem next time. And, yes, I am already thinking about the next time: While Barb was here we also visited the quilt shop in Tower where I bought the fabric for another quilt - Moda again, of course!

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StefandLin said...

The quilt is lovely Mary. How fun to have a new quilt for the new bedroom in the new house. A friend made us a lovely, not-too-fragile quilt duvet cover (backed with a flannel sheet) that is on our bed all the time. I love it. Alison is starting to make a baby quilt. We are having a girl!!! Would love to see you and the beautiful creations you and Scott are making.
Love, Stef