Monday, August 16, 2010

The Cordwood on Pinewood

I figured it would be a good idea for Jack to learn that his parents aren't the only crazy people in the world, so I took him for a visit to the house our friends Cory and Heather are building, The Cordwood on Pinewood.

Their house is just gorgeous, situated in a forest clearing south of Ely. The place is quite different from The Homestead. For one thing, it is much smaller in scale. But the big difference is the type of construction: Our house is "stick built", but Cory and Heather are using cordwood construction - a method of embedding small pieces of wood in masonry. The effect is very warm and rustic, just perfect for the Northwoods.

Cory and Heather are building the place themselves, with lots of help from friends. Unfortunately, it was raining the day we visited, so the house was covered with a tarp. We were still able to go in, though, and Jack was able to pitch in - by sweeping out some of the rainwater.

One of my favorite things about the house was the way they are including little surprises in the walls: A moose antler for a bird feeder, Heather's agate collection framing the windows, even a small glass gnome (a cousin of Frank?) at the corner of the door! Heather asked Jack if he wanted one of his Matchbox cars included in a wall, but Jack couldn't bring himself to part with one. I thought the idea was terrific, though, so I am going to find something of ours for the project and make sure that I get it to Heather before the second level is finished!


Kelly Chick said...

I love you site Mary. I would love to see Heather's place. I've been looking at their blog and they have come a long way with their building as have you. So excited for you to move in.

skrapyram said...

Thanks Kelly! I hope that you will be able to come to "The House that Jack Built" on the 11th!