Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family Day

When our family has time together - under normal circumstances - we spend most of it outside: hiking, canoeing, etc.

Ever since we started work on The Homestead, however, we really haven't had much time together. Scott spends virtually all of free his time working on the house, while Jack and I keep each other busy. (Jack, at 3-1/2, is still a little too "vital" to be in the vicinity of any real work that needs to get done.)

The exception to this has been our frequent trips to "house building" stores.

Today we took such a trip, heading to two different towns - comparison shopping for major appliances and other things. We were away from home for approximately ten hours, and ate a lot more fast food than any of us wanted to.

The trip was successful, though. We not only selected a fridge and stove and washer and dryer - we also purchased large rugs, bathroom accessories, and more.

Despite the fun we had today, I am still looking forward to taking a couple of family hikes come September. Maybe we'll even get out on the water a few times, too.

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