Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day

This week has been a blur. On Monday (my birthday) I made a whirlwind solo trip to IKEA in Minneapolis, where I picked up the rest of our kitchen - three big carts full of cupboard parts, a sink and faucet, and two pieces of wood counter top. It wasn't too bad - the IKEA folks help me load the stuff into the van, and I enjoyed the opportunity to browse the store on my own (and ended up buying myself several birthday presents). I was also able to make a super quick visit to my friends, Jason and Erika, so that I could meet their new daughter, Suniva (I'm not sure if that is how her name is spelled). Precious - always a treat to hold a beautiful new baby!

Scott took the week off from work to finish the electrical (among other things), and was able to finish it yesterday. The ceiling fans are gorgeous and really add a touch of class to the joint. He has also been cleaning up and took a crazy amount of building scraps to the dump. And, oh yeah, he finished the master bathroom with its elegant pedestal sink. I just love that bathroom!

I have had a regular work week, but I have moved a ton of boxes before and after work each day. One entire bedroom at the Homestead is packed with them. Where did all of this stuff come from? I don't even think we have that much compared to some people, so I am surprised by the sheer number of van loads I have moved. And I still have to pack up the kitchen!

Our evenings have been spent at the Homestead - the construction on our street in town has just become too intolerable, and they work until at least nine p.m. (They are putting in new sewer lines and have apparently run into a ton of ledgerock. Hence, lots of blasting and pounding.) But it has given us time to get more done out there and it is probably helping Jack (and our dog,Uma!) with the transition.

I will try to come back to the blog and post a few pictures of this week's progress - if we have time to take any! For now, Scott needs to get the phone line set up and I have one more day of work at the library. Tomorrow our appliances will be delivered and our furniture will be moved. We should be sleeping peacefully out there tomorrow night!

At the moment - 7:15 a.m. - our house in town is SHAKING with the pounding going on in the street, but Jack is sleeping through it. He is almost always running around by 6 a.m., so you know hat little guy must be wiped out!

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