Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A New Chapter

I love September! Today is drizzly and cold, but last weekend was perfect. I started Sunday morning off by taking Uma for a walk on my new/old route past Minister Lake. I am so thrilled to have such beauty right outside my front door once again.

After the walk, Jack and I headed over to the shores of Shagawa Lake for some playground time, a hike, and some rock throwing. We also spent quite a bit of time watching boats - and planes - go in and out of the water. While we were doing that, Scott was at home busily putting up our new mailbox - hurray!

Monday was a holiday and we all had the day off, so it was time a family day. But unlike most of our recent family days, we were actually able to get outside! It was a beautiful day for a paddle on Hegman Lakes to see the pictographs.

Then, last night, Scott and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Holy cow - that's a pretty big deal in my book! Most years we have celebrated with dinner at a special restaurant, but this year we had a pizza party at our new home with Jack. It was great fun, and we plan to continue the celebration this weekend - at our housewarming party. What better way to mark ten years than with the start of an exciting new chapter?


StefandLin said...

Congrats!!! On new home AND on 10 years--a very big deal. How exciting for you to celebrate in your new place. You sound good. I'm so glad for you.

Maureen Hark said...

I remember packing your wedding bouquet in the cooler for the trip out to California...