Saturday, September 4, 2010

Studio Living

Well, I am back to work now after a week of "vacation", i.e. trying to get settled at the Homestead. Our fridge finally arrived, but I am washing dishes in the utility sink because our kitchen still has a long way to go.

Also, still no phone or internet. We have now learned that we are the first people on our side of the road to request phone service, so an engineer has been called in to determine how hard it will be to get a line to us and whether or not it will cost us a ton of money. It will be a few weeks before we know about that. . .

We did pass our final electrical inspection, though, which was a huge relief.(Pretty good for a guy who's never done this kind of wiring before, huh? I think it's amazing.) And we have started to get a few things hung up, which helps keep things more organized. I think I am pretty much done taking care of things at the rental, although Scott still has to tie up some loose ends there.

Towards the middle of my week off, I had a little breakdown due to all of the stress related to our move. It's exciting to be in the new place, but it's not all wine and roses! To remedy the situation, Uma and I took a morning off and hiked to Dry Falls. It was a beautiful morning and the sound of the gurgling water was just what the doctor ordered. (Uma, of course, was leashed for the duration of the hike. She's a little stinker, but I was glad to have her along even with a leash.) I took some wonderful photos that morning, but I can't share them here because I have no idea where the appropriate cord is!

Another thing that has helped immensely is getting Jack out of our bed, and thus getting me off of the couch! I made a special little room for him under the stairs with fun bedding, a nightlight and his "Babar's World Tour" poster. He loves it and I am getting a lot more sleep.

Hopefully now that I am back at work - and am able to use the internet at the library - I will be posting more often. And I will get back to including photos in my posts as soon as I find the cords . . .

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SmartCookie said...

Glad that Jack's enjoying his new mini room!