Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome Home to Bog Ridge

On Saturday we had our housewarming party. It was fantastic and the house was packed. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends. There was live music, dancing and great food. The party started of with a house blessing ceremony led by Lis McCrea. The ceremony was beautiful, exactly what we wanted. Thank you to everyone!!!

Here is the text of the ceremony:


Today we gather to bless this family and this house.

We call on each other, and all our ancestors, to bless this homestead that Scott and Mary established, to bless this house that Jack built.

This place it the center-point of this family.

Wild creatures that share this hard and beautiful land, know this family and its space. This is a place of domesticity.

Protect this home from all evil and negative, destructive energies, both physical and non-physical coming from

the North - the East - the South - and the West.

Corn meal/rune for protection on ground outside front door.

Our home is where we first learn to give thanks, to forgive and to bless each other.

Let us open our hearts so that as the doors of this home are opened to friend and stranger, this family may be a source of welcome for all in need.

Walk into house, Open all windows and doors - including cupboards and closets. Mary and Scott light and carry candle and sage.

We believe what we can see, and we feel some things that can't be seen.

We bless this home so that this place draws in abundance. We bless this house knowing that this is the power-center of the family. Here is where creativity thrives. This is the place of abiding love. This is the place of peace and joy and strength.

Walk into each room. Smudge and spurge. Sprinkle drops of water in doorway, in front of each window and in each corner.

Fill this room with love and light.

May the kitchen nourish the body and spirit.

May Jack's room be a place of peaceful sleep and idyllic dreams.

May Scott and Mary's room be a place of love and passion.

Mary, Scott and Jack, from this safe haven you can venture into this world.

You are truly blessed.

Welcome home to Bog Ridge!

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StefandLin said...

Beautiful!!! Hooray and Amen.
Love, Stef