Thursday, November 18, 2010

23 Things on a Stick

Every once and a while, I mix things up with this blog. Recently, for example, I rearranged the sidebar and I added a link to my Etsy Favorites. Now readers of my blog can see all of the fun stuff I am flagging as I browse through Etsy. You know, just so they can see some great stuff, or - even better - so they can get ideas whenever they want to buy me presents!

Creating and adding to this blog has been - and continues to be - a lot of fun. I enjoy sharing some of what is going on in my world and I enjoy messing around with the technology that I use to do that.

Now I'll be making even more improvements to this blog as I go through 23 Things on a Stick. Not to be confused with my list of 39 things, 23 Things on a Stick is an on-line learning program for library staff in Minnesota. By the time my work with the program is complete, I will be a more techno-savvy library lady and I will have an even better blog.

I can't really tell you why the decided to call it 23 Things on a Stick, but I am pretty sure it is going to be fun. Today is only day two and I have already learned a lot.

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Melissa said...

how great. there's nothing quite like a porch. we use ours from spring until the snow flies, and we love it. When the weather is nice it's the best "room" in the house!