Monday, November 15, 2010

First Snow and a New Tradition

Yesterday we finally had our long-awaited first snow of the season. We were up and outside with the sun, before we even had time to change out of our PJs. It was a winter wonderland.
In the shot above you can get a good idea of how cute our new shed will be. Currently we are waiting for more siding and roofing to be delivered (they had to be special ordered). There will also be some windows . . .

In honor of the occasion, we decided to start a new family tradition: First Snow Pumpkin Pie. Why pumpkin pie? I happened to have all the ingredients on hand! Next year I'll keep an eye on the forecast so that I have fresh cream in the fridge to make whipped cream topping. The pie was great, though, even without whipped cream. I tried out a new crust recipe . . . more on that another day.
It's been a great couple of days - staying home, playing in the snow and playing in the kitchen. Check out this loaf of bread!

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